May 01, 2006 10:01 AM
Parte the Firste, continued

This rosey memoir is a good story and very probably grossly inaccurate, but that's what history is, with little documentation. As one of my authors says, history is really made by the broken shoelace, the flooded road, and cranky (you will see this word cranky, frequently, methinks) merchants.
A local access TV channel had a talk show, hostess, name of George comes to mind. My creative juices were...umm, running, roaring, and I wanted to do that show. I had a trilogy/medley/suite in mind, but only two songs seemed fitting. Debbie was now the drummer, but no bass player. Thus, a trilogy of songs, for which I had two. And a trilogy of musicians, also two.
Enter the balletic frog.

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